Our Clients

As the majority of refineries are heavy-oil facilities, coking plays a large role in our troubleshooting and scanning work. Most of the up-graders have used CG to observe their drum operations.


ECOPETROL - Ecopetrol S.A. is a Mixed Economy Company, with a commercial orientation, organized as an "Anonymous Society" (equivalent to a Corporation) of a national level, under the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in accordance with the dispositions set forth by Law 1118 of 2006, and governed by the Social Statutes that are an integral part of Public Document No. 5314 of December 14th, 2007, issued by the Second Notary Office of the Bogotá D.C. Circle.

PETROCEDENO - is a valued customer of CG. CG has helped from the start-up of the heavy-oil up-grader. With our assistance, several problem areas in the refinery had been identified prior to major T/A work, thus enabling a cost effective way to plan, engineer and fix problems that would otherwise have gone uncorrected.

PETROMONOGAS - This up-grade facility has also been a valued customer of CG. PETROMONOGAS has used CG to define problems on start-up, and, working together, have brought about the necessary modifications to enable longer run times and more trouble-free operation.

PETROZUATA - This was the first heavy-oil up-grader to come on-line in Venezuela. CG was there for the start-up of this facility. We identified problems on start-up. Following recommendations for fixing the problems, we have maintained a periodic schedule of scanning to ensure continued performance of the up-graders.

PDVSA - CG has worked for various PDVSA facilities and its subsidiaries. In all of the plants where CG has worked, we have always added value to the client.