Our Process

Gamma scanning

Gamma scanning technology is a long-standing and proven method to diagnose problems in process vessels. This technology uses a small radioactive source and a radiation detector to obtain a density profile of the vessel being tested. Examples of vessels typically scanned include trayed towers, packed towers, piping, FCCU reactor/regenerators and other process vessels. For trayed distillation towers, gamma scans are used to identify tray damage and process conditions such as entrainment or weeping. Samples of our data output in these areas are found in the images below.

Gamma Scanning Application

Gamma scanning technology is implemented to observe drum outages and foam heights inside coke drums. This is useful for controlling drum outages, optimizing anti-foam procedures, and level-detection system verification. Typically, a combination of gamma scans and monitoring are used to identify what is happening inside the coke drum.


Coker Service

CG, Inc offers several value added techniques that apply directly to coking operations.

  • Drum Scans
  • OH Line Scans
  • Stationary Monitoring
  • Consulting for Optimization

Our drum scans are used to identify the actual profile of the foam front in a drum. This is used to identify foam height at any time during the filling cycle. Scanning is also used to verify the foam height prior to, and following, the drum switch.

OH and Transfer line scans are used to identify the presence of coking in the lines. Ideally we would have a baseline to compare against to track the ongoing operations for coking.
Stationary Monitoring is used several ways. The OH lines can be monitored to observe the density during the fill cycle, to ensure that no entrainment is going overhead. SM can be used on the drum itself. The elevations of the level instrumentation can be monitored and then compared with the plant readings to verify the accuracy/responsiveness of the drum instrumentation. The effectiveness of the anti-foam on the foam front is observed.

Combine all this, and the refiner can optimize their outages and anti-foam usage. Working together with the refiner CG will suggest ways to improve the Coking Unit operation to maximize throughput and increase profitability.


Consulting Service

We have a specialized group for refinery consulting. Coker and crude units are our specialty with over 28 years in this field. We offer the following consulting services:

  • startup training
  • practical team building skills
  • troubleshooting
  • procedure writing
  • independent safety overviews and audits
  • advice on coke drum cycle reduction
  • installation and training in the use of our listening device
  • additional on site training in drilling techniques
  • other process enhancing services